Monday, July 21, 2008

Odds and Ends

First things first, we saw The Dark Knight on Friday night. It is awesome. Great story, amazing acting. Yes, Heath Ledger will be nominated for an Oscar and will probably win. And he will deserve it. It is such a shame that he's gone, because he was really maturing as an actor and making such interesting choices in the roles he chose, that it would have been really interesting to watch his career progress.

When we left the movies Friday night, we picked up Wildman at Rock's dad's house, and about five miles up the road, hit a deer. Were we driving our huge, gas guzzling, virtually indestructible, largest-SUV-ever-made Ford Excursion that the (actually very small) deer would have bounced right off of with just barely a scratch? WHY NO, WE WERE NOT. In an effort to save money lately, we have been driving my car more. The Deermobile, er, Honda Civic. This is the third deer, y'all. I think I'll just mount some antlers on it. They win.

After that, it was a multi-religion weekend for us! We kicked off Saturday morning with the Mormons. One of our neighbors is a Mormon and he hosted a Pioneer Day thing for some of his church members. It started very early (9am), and was fairly interactive. There were a couple of stations to learn how the pioneers did things. The best was on land navigation, in which I finally learned how to read a compass, although the instructor and Rock both kept taking it out of my hand, and neither could figure out that my main problem in reading it was that I was trying to read a compass while facing East into the rising sun. (The fact that neither of them drew back a nub after reaching for that compass one last time should probably qualify as a miracle.)

Last night, Supergirl went to Vacation Bible School at the local Baptist Church. She had a great time, but cried at the beginning because she didn't want to stay by herself. Rock's mother ended up staying with her.

For the record, we are neither Mormon nor Baptist. Apparently, we're mutts who will go to anyone who will feed us.

While I don't have any real news on this front, I might soon. My period is couple days late. My boobs are so sore - scratch that - my whole chest is so sore that it aches all the way back to my shoulder blades. I've been nauseous all morning and I felt pretty rough all day yesterday. I'm going to give it a few more days and then take a pregnancy test.


Tessie said...

I like how you just SLIP THAT RIGHT IN at the end, there. GAH! The suspense!

Shelly said...

Tessie - well, I considered not mentioning it at all, but I feel like I got hit by a bus! And I have to TELL SOMEONE!!!!

Pickles and Dimes said...

I cannot wait to see The Dark Knight. If it works out, we might see it in IMAX. Yeah.

You're gonna resolve that little cliffhanger as soon as you know, right?

Shelly said...

Shauna - I would LOVE to go back and see it in IMAX. Although, it is fairly intense just in a regular theater.

Heehee, yes, of course. : )

Jess Riley said...

Religious mutts! I love it!!!

We're seeing TDK tomorrow. I'm kind of sad to see it, though, considering it's Mr. Ledger's final performance in a film.

Shelly said...

Jess - yup. Snacks and crafts for the kids? She's there! Food for the adults? We're there? You're what? Mormons? That's fine!

I hope you love TDK. It is sad that it's his final performance, but it is a phenomenal one. He left on a high note, that's for sure.

gmcountrymama said...

We are religious mutts too! In that we celebrate whatever holiday we want, but don't practice any particular religion.
I am glad it sounds like no one was hurt in the deer accident?
Good luck with your upcoming test!

Alice said...


i'm seeing tdk tonight :-)

Shelly said...

Hi gm and welcome! Yeah, that's how we are - all holidays and no fuss. No, no one was hurt in the deer accident. Wildman didn't even wake up. Very, very minor. Just annoying. Thank you! I'm very anxious!

Shelly said...

Alice - I know, right?! I want to take one every day. I'm trying to hold out until Friday, because it's only three days late at this point, but we'll see if I make it that long. (DOUBT IT!)

You'll love TDK!