Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hi There!

Well, so! I really didn’t mean to be absent from this blog for nearly a year! (But then, does anyone ever intend to not write anything for a year?!)

And…well, I kind of have a big announcement….

We’re having a baby!

I’m about five and a half months along, and my official due date is October 21st.

We are SUPER EXCITED, but I’ve been really slow to tell people this time around. Since I had a miscarriage the last time, I’ve been…well…paranoid would probably be a good description. Superstitious would fit, too. Scared. (Yeah, okay, you can stop now.) But yesterday, I bought my first item of baby clothes (little hats – one of which is an EAR HAT!) and today, I posted that I’m pregnant on Facebook, so I must be starting to believe in this thing!

Also, NOTHING will make you feel your age like being pregnant.  Omg, is it naptime yet?

Anyway, hi again! I’m having a baby! OMG!