Friday, April 8, 2011

Eye of Horror

Oh hey, so guess what fun-filled adventure I had THIS week? I had pinkeye! Yes, that lovely little eye infection that kids get, but I had never had before. It was a delight. My family has been sick for about the last month, first with upper respiratory infections and then with pinkeye. I got the upper respiratory first, and was the last to kick it, and Rock was the first to get the pinkeye, and the last to kick it (in fact, his eyes are still red). My pinkeye started on Monday, after lunch, at work. At first, my right eye was just red, and a little oozy. But then, after an hour or two, it was swollen to about half the normal size, blood red, watering constantly, and oozing green pus. My co-workers were completely horrified. So I called in sick on Tuesday. Because my eye was swollen shut Tuesday morning. So I took pictures! Here, want to see some really gross pictures of my eye all swollen up and nasty? What do you mean, "no"? That's not the fun answer!

Here is the eye by itself. I particularly liked how the undereye indention completely swelled out.

And this is the EYE, with the uninfected left eye for comparison.

Somehow, the infection stayed localized to just my right eye. I was surprised, because I expected it to spread to the left eye immediately. I went to the doctor on Tuesday, of course, and got a z pack for the upper respiratory and antibiotic eye drops for the Eye of Horror. Both are working really quickly, and I'm not a cyclops anymore.