Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Awesome. Not Awesome.

So, this was fun the last time we did it. Things that are awesome and not awesome in my life right now:

Awesome - the PiF gifts I received from Alice last week. Such cute stuff.
Not awesome - the fact that although I have taken pictures, I have not had them developed or uploaded so that I can share them here. I suck.
Awesome - when I do get the pics uploaded, we will be having a PiF contest here! Fun!

Awesome - I have Friday afternoon off and all I'm doing is getting my teeth cleaned! After that, we're going to the movies and out to dinner. Yay, date night!
Awesome - the new Batman movie opens this weekend!
Not awesome - we had invited some friends to go to the movies with us, but they are at the beach. Oh well, next time!
Not awesome - IT IS ONLY WEDNESDAY! (Anyone else remember the Carlin skit about how TGIF is a terrible name for a bar because "that won't make people drink. If you want to make people drink, name it HSIOW - Holy Shit, It's Only Wednesday!" I swear, I think of that every week.)

Not awesome - my ear infections are still not gone. The pressure in my left ear builds up constantly and I have to open my mouth wide and make my ear pop. It's like living on an airplane. My co-workers must think I have a nervous tick, making that weird face all the time. Right, like they didn't already know I was crazy? Let's be real.

So tell me - what is awesome and not awesome in your life today?


Pickles & Dimes said...

Not Awesome: Our workplace let 3 great people go this week.

Awesome: It's almost Friday.

Shelly said...

Shauna - Oh, that's sad. I HATE to see good people lose their jobs. I hope they find something new soon.


Alice said...

awesome: ummmm. hmm. it's monday morning, i'm having a hard time with this one.

not awesome: IT'S MONDAY MORNING. and i'm like 45 days behind on blogs, AND haven't written up my own since going to chicago. EEK.

awesome: i'm not as grumpy as i could be, given all that? that's a pretty bad "awesome," isn't it :-)

Shelly said...

Alice - yeah, this is not a game for Monday morning. You get an A for effort, though.