Monday, November 17, 2008


Open letter to the other diners at Outback in Burlington on Sunday night:

Um yeah, so I owe y'all an apology. You were sitting there, peacefully enjoying your dinner, when my son made that god-awful retching sound. He was fine, he didn't even barf, that's just something he does occasionally, when he has too much food in his mouth. He makes this hideous ralphing sound, stops chewing and kinda looks like he's gonna puke his guts up, then settles down and starts chewing again. It's weird, it's gross, I freak out every time he does it, but he's always fine and he almost never barfs. And yeah, that was me laughing hysterically afterward. We were so embarrassed and I couldn't even look up from the table, but I could. not. stop. laughing. My child was fine, but I could just imagine what the rest of you were thinking. Had I not been at my own table, I probably would have had a hard time not puking myself. What's funny is that both children had been at the grandparents' house just before that, and had both already eaten, so we easily could have left them there and gone out to dinner by ourselves. (Guess what we'll do next time?)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday

My little Wildman turns two today! From this:

To this:

Happy Birthday, my little sweetie. I've posted his birth story before, but he was born by not-emergency-but pretty speedy c-section at about 10:00 at night. (Rock and I really couldn't remember last night. I think it was closer to 9:30, but he said it was around 10:45. I'll have to get out his birth certificate and check to see who's right.) He is a total sweetheart, but into everything. Cannot be left alone for a minute.

Also, a story from Supergirl. Yesterday, I wore my winter coat for the first time. I love it - it's a black and tan faux fur coat. I always refer to it as "the faux fur coat", which with my Southern accent, ends up sounding like "fofur". Heh. Here's a picture, although it looks better in reality:

(Photo credit to Bonanza Jellybean)
When I got home last night, I had the coat in my hand. Supergirl walks up, pets the coat, then starts rubbing her cheek against it, saying, "I love it!" Then she looks up at me and says, "Is it made of cat?"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Wildman's initial reaction to the skunk costume:

Fortunately, we got him over that with the time-honored parental tradition of bribery with candy. Here he is, happy in his skunkness:

And Supergirl, happy as a butterfly fairy:

(Or maybe it's just the whoppers in her hand!)

Nah, she was really happy. She loved the face paint. And glitter. And wand. And the tiara. And the wings. Okay, you get the picture.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Today is Friday-For-Me!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Please go vote today everyone. Vote for whomever you choose, for whatever reason. Just vote. Celebrate living in this country where we have the right, privilege and responsibility to vote. I voted this morning before work. At 7:15, I was one of a small handful of people at my local polling place. Fifteen minutes later, I had voted and was out the door and on the way to work. Just one of the advantages to living in BFE. Heh.

Halloween was great. We took the kids to Rock's dad and stepmother's subdivision and went trick-or-treating. We weren't out long, just up and down their street (it was getting cold and dark). We went back to their house and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. Wildman really got into it, reaching in for candy at other people's houses and walking down the steps to give candy to other children. He got up close to some of the other kids, and tried to touch their costumes. The kid's costumes were great - Wildman was an adorable skunk and Supergirl's butterfly fairy costume turned out well. I wasn't able to iron on a picture of Barbie Mariposa, because I couldn't find one that would print out in color, but I got her some "fairy" face makeup with glitter and little stick-on "gems" and she was thrilled with that. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

And thank you all, so very much, for your concern and prayers for my friend Danielle. I let her know that you were thinking of her. I really appreciate all your kind words and thoughts.