Thursday, September 26, 2013

Update (or More Details)

Whoa you guys, where did the last few months fly off to?  I swear it was July a few days ago.

Well, anyway, I've started writing this post in my head about a million times and never have been able to get it right.  But I've got about half an hour right now and my goal is put something else up here to let y'all know what's been going on.

The biggest thing is that everything is going well!  I've been a nervous wreck this whole pregnancy (did I mention that before?!), but it has seemed like the more I worried, the smoother everything went.  There have definitely been some times that I panicked and went to the doctor and they looked at me like I was nuts for coming in because I was completely fine.  (Swollen ankles for the win!)  But no complications, no pre-eclampsia, no bedrest, no nothing.  I've been more tired and have had a lot more aches and pains and this one has been sitting on the nerves in my back for about a month now which is really getting old, but overall, my health and the health of the baby has been great!

The biggest news with a baby is always whether it's a boy or a girl, right?  And yes, I do know.  And yes, I will tell you.  Having one of each already, one of the doctors joked with us that we should let this one be a surprise.  Yeah, no, dude.  Having a baby is surprise enough, thank you!  I need as many other things nailed down as possible.  And, having one of each, we were FERVENTLY hoping for a boy!  Not that Supergirl is not a wonderful kid and that we don't love her as much as possible (she's 11 and going through puberty right now, so possible has its limits these days!).  But Wildman is definitely the easier and sweeter of our kids, so we were hoping for another snuggly little boy.  And we got our wish!  This one is a little boy.  We do have a name picked out, which I can't share here, of course, but his nickname will be Bear, which starts with the same first letter. 

And this pregnancy is almost over, too!  I'm at 37 weeks and we have a c-section scheduled for October 11th, so little Bear will be here in just a few short weeks.  We are all getting very excited.  The big kids were a little hesitant at first, back when we first told them about the baby.  We didn't wait very long to tell them, even with the risk of miscarriage, just because we generally include them in most major family things.  Wildman even regressed a little - he wouldn't sleep in his own room anymore.  (He had just moved into his own room from our room about four months earlier, so that was still a fairly recent change.)  So for several months, he slept on the living room couch like the world's smallest couch surfer.  But now, he's back in his own room and his own bed and seems to be just fine.  Supergirl is absolutely crazy about the little bitty clothes, especially the little hats and mittens and booties.  One of my friends gave us an adorable bootie and mitten set and I think Supergirl is going to put them on Bear the second he is born! 

I will definitely post an update when little one arrives and post pictures as soon as I can!  Cross your fingers for us to make it to the 11th with no drama!