Monday, January 21, 2008

Weather/ Randomness

Because Tessie inspired me, our topic today is the weather. Seriously, I was sitting here, bored as hell at work. It's sort of a holiday, meaning that well over half the office (including Boss) is out. And the few of us who are here aren't doing shit. So I had plenty of time to write a blog post, but I couldn't think of anything to write about. So I started scrolling through my blogroll, reading everyone else's blogs, hoping for some inspiration to strike (it never does), and Tessie was talking about the weather. So I thought I could tell you all about our semi-exciting one inch of snow that only stuck to the grass, not the roads, and fell on the weekend so we got no time off work. Talk about a gyp. Supergirl loved it, though. She got to go out and play and throw snowballs and generally have a great time. And it snowed all day long and looked absolutely beautiful coming down.

In other news, tomorrow is my beloved Rock's birthday! I already have his present. I had it before Christmas, but I held it back to be for his birthday because he's so difficult to shop for. We went to a store that should have carried it after Christmas to look for something else and he wanted to look for this particular item, but they didn't have it (whew!). What's funny is that I had bought the item at another of the same chain store in a different city. So logically, they should have had it.

I also received an email today from a girl Rock and I went to college with. She wrote to me on Facebook, which I had almost forgotten I had joined. I saw an email in my regular email account that I had an email on Facebook from an Erica Jones (not her real name), and I thought to myself, "I don't know an Erica Jones." I just deleted it and forgot about it. A few minutes later, two of my co-workers were talking about Facebook. So I jumped into the discussion and said, "Hey, I'm on Facebook, too!" So one of them asked if she could add me as a friend. So I logged into Facebook to accept her friend request and while I was there, I checked out the email from Erica Jones. It started off, "Hey Shelly, do you and Rock still live in the area?". I thought, "Hmmmm...this person seems to know me." So I clicked on the profile to see who she was. Well, duh! Erica Smith had married Tom Jones (the guy she'd dated in college, whom we also knew well!) That's who Erica Jones was. Turns out, they had a baby boy in March! I'm so happy for them. I looked at her pictures and they make a great looking family. I hope that we can get back in touch with them and become friends again.


Tessie said...

That's the way I work with posting too, I always read my blogroll first and wait for inspiration to strike.

I'm not on Facebook, although it seems like everyone else on the planet is. I'm sort of...scared of it. I HATE HATE HATE MySpace.

Shelly said...

Tessie - I also loved your "just open the page and write!" attitude. I'm often inspired by my blogroll, what I usually lack is time to write!

The only reason I joined Facebook is that an old friend invited me to join. I've been trying to find my college roommate and I thought she might be on Facebook or MySpace. So I'm on both of them. But I use them so infrequently that I forget I even have an account with them. I have reconnected with some old friends over both of them, though, so it's been an interesting experience.

Laura said...

Happy birthday to Rock. I am a rambling writer. I don't usually have any idea where I will end up on any given day. I don't do Facebook because it caused a lot of pain within my family. In fact I blame that for much of what happened.

Shelly said...

Thanks Laura! Oh my God, are you serious that Facebook was part of what happened with Leonard? That is horrible. I will be extra careful. Right now I'm only talking to people that I know in real life.