Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Second Verse, Same as the First

Well, as you all might notice, I have two children. So that means there's another pregnancy story around here somewhere. Place your bets now as to whether or not I'll get the year right on this one. (Here's a hint- it's more recent. I tend to remember recent things better.)

When Supergirl was about 3, we started getting the baby itch again. Well, okay, to be more honest, Rock had never lost the baby itch and I had started to gloss over the horror that was pregnancy and labor and delivery (stories for another day or else we'll be here all week). And Supergirl has never been what could be described as "snuggly". I had started teasing her that she wasn't fulfilling her snuggling duties. (In response, she would shriek and run away.) I had started to fantasize about snuffling a little newborn baby head. So we decided that the time was about right to try for another baby. Since it took me about 3.2 seconds to get pregnant with Supergirl, I waited until we were absolutely certain that we were ready to get off Depo Provera. And then we waited.....and waited......and waited.......and waited. And this time it did take 5 months for my cycle to come back. So then we waited a few months before we officially started "trying". Once we started trying, we would count the days and I would tell Rock to eat his vegetables and do his exercises, because it was our time to try. We had one false alarm, about three months in, where I was just sure that I was pregnant, but nope. Then, in early April, my morning coffee started making me queasy, my boobs hurt so bad I thought they were going to fall off, cheeseburgers made me feel sick and I started having mood swings. I waited a while longer, until I actually missed my period, and then took a test. And it was positive. Seven months later, little Wildman came along.


Anonymous said...

& you got your snuggler?

JMC said...

Um... we're actually ARE here all week. So bring on the stories!

JMC said...

I meant WE actually etc. etc.

Shelly said...

Shelly, yes, I certainly did! Some days you can't put him down at all. Be careful what you wish for. (Not really - I wouldn't trade him for the world.)

Shelly said...

Oh, keep your pants on, jmc. I have a story today that is just for you. Well, you and tessie, but you'll see. And I think my schedule is free enough that I'll get to post it here in just a minute. Aren't you lucky? LOL!

Oh! AND, it might snow here tomorrow, so I might *not* be here all week! Nah-nah-nah-na-na! Umm-Hmm, well, that was mature. How old am I again?

And I love that you commented again to fix the grammar in your previous comment. I have totally done that.