Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So let me tell you a little bit about my daughter -

She's a little redheaded hellion. She'll be five in about three weeks (argh - party planning!). She's fiercely independent and doesn't take any shit off anybody.

Couple stories from the neighbors' daughter's birthday party on Saturday night -

The kids played outside with water balloons until it started to storm. Then they all piled into the house. The host mother was nice enough to offer Supergirl some dry clothes. As I was helping her change out of her wet dress, we discovered that her underwear was soaked, too. So I told her to strip them off as well. Her eyes got great big and she said, "But what will I wear?" and I told her she would just have to go without. Her response was, "But what will people say?" And I said, "Honey, no one will know. And don't you dare tell them!" Because she totally would have.

Supergirl was inside playing with the other children. (I was outside on the porch, so I heard this story secondhand from the other mother.) Apparently, Supergirl started wrestling with one of the little boys. The boy's mother decided to break them up, even though she didn't think they were being too rough and Supergirl wasn't complaining. The mother asked Supergirl, "Do you want to wrestle?" Supergirl's reply? "No, but I want to wrestle with him because he started it!"

And that's my kid. I'm insanely proud of her.


hello insomnia said...

What an awesome reply. You must be very proud.

BeckEye said...
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Shelly said...
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Shelly said...

Thanks Mona! I love that she's a little spitfire, it makes me so damn proud.

And BeckEye, thank you for the interview questions! I loved them!

Moxie said...

Found you through Beckeye. Nice blog!

I remember when my former stepdaughter was four. That's a hell of an age - she thought she could do everything and resented any suggestion that she was anything other than a "big girl." Five was a cakewalk compared to four.

Shelly said...

Hey Moxie! Welcome!

Yeah, Supergirl definitely has that attitude. As well as the "I don't have to listen to *anyone*" attitude. Fun times. I certainly hope that 5 is easier than four, because some days I would cheerfully sell her!