Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh Dramamine, Oh Dramamine, Oh How I Sing Your Praises

About three days into our vacation, I bought a box of Dramamine. Every day prior to that I had heard the four words that immediately strike terror into my heart - "Mommy, I feel sick." Supergirl gets carsick pretty easily, a fact that I had forgotten when packing for vacation. And anytime I see someone throw up, I have a *very* hard time not throwing up myself. So each time she announced that she felt sick, I panicked and tried to find something for her to throw up in. The first two days, we had extra large drink cups from McDonald's. The third day, in a fit of desperation, I handed her a diaper. Luckily, she didn't throw up at all. Then I wised up and bought some Dramamine. After that, she started every morning with a chewable orange pill. And she didn't get carsick the rest of the trip. Lesson? Dramamine works, people. I will be stocking up before any future vacations.


Tanya said...

I take Dramamine All.the.time! Everytime before I fly I pop those suckers and they work. Love it! Only problem - I wish they could be taken while pregnant. The wristbands don't work so much :(

Shelly said...

LOL! I took a Dramamine one day when we were going through some really high mountains and it helped me, too.

And yeah, I know what you mean about those wristbands - they didn't do shit for me, either.