Monday, August 13, 2007

Pretty Little Mistakes

Read an awesome book over the weekend - Pretty Little Mistakes.

It's a choose-your-own-adventure book for adults. Starts with your high school graduation. You choose whether you go to college or go traveling. From there, you make decisions and proceed through a "life". It's a great concept and really interestingly carried out. There's more than one way to meet some of the love interests, and some lives cut tragically short. And there are some repeating themes (prepare to have all your stuff stolen if you travel!). But overall, I really enjoyed it. There are 150 possible endings and I think I've read all of them. A great way to spend the weekend. It would also make a good beach book, because you could stop and start pretty easily.


Swistle said...

Great timing: my best friend's birthday is coming up, and we always give each other books.

hello insomnia said...

Ooh, I need something good to read that does not have "US" or "Weekly" in the title.

Shelly said...

Swistle and Mona?! Omigod, let me roll out the red carpet and sweep the kid toys under the rug! Welcome! I *love* your blogs.

Swistle, I think it would be an excellent present for your friend. Just be warned that it is a bit risque in parts. Most of the guys have huge schlongs and in at least one life, you can wind up a happily married lesbian. As long as that won't offend anyone, I think it would be a terrific present.

And Mona, I used to be totally addicted to their "Fashion Police" section.