Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Starbucks - Again

Dear Starbucks,

I had an interesting conversation with a barista this morning. I asked if she would stir my caramel macchiato if she put the espresso in last, so that my first sip would not be straight espresso. She told me that the baristas are trained to make the caramel macchiato by adding the espresso last. She did stir my macchiato, and said that if I order it "stirred" from now on, they will know to do that.

Seriously? Y'all have to be told to stir your drinks so that people aren't assaulted by straight espresso?

I should totally open a coffee shop. I could kick your ass.


hello insomnia said...

You could call your shop, "Bring It Brew." I could call mine, "Your Mother," so people would know I'm not messing around.

Shelly said...

LOL! We could go in together and call it "Bring Your Mother".

Alice said...

i have pretty much only ordered 2 things, ever, at starbucks: skim chai and mochas. i don't actually like coffee very much :-)

Shelly said...

Hey Alice! I don't like plain coffee, but flavored lattes are yummy!

cmhl said...

I am one of those freaks that ask for a three extra shots of expresso. I enjoy lighting my hair on fire first thing in the morning.. haha..

Shelly said...

Hey cmhl! Welcome!

Three shots of espresso???! Whew, I would be hanging off the ceiling if I drank that much espresso.