Thursday, August 23, 2007


Allow me to set the scene: Rural NC steakhouse, Monday night. About three tables were occupied. To our right, a young (maybe teenagers, maybe early twenties) redneck couple with an older lady, probably the mother of one of the rednecks.

(Please don't get offended that I'm calling them rednecks, in just a moment my own redneck tendencies will be making their blog debut.)

Redneck boy's cell phone rings. His ringtone is "Copperhead Road" by Steve Earl. I identified this by about 3 seconds of lyrics from the middle of the song. Rock was horrified that I knew that song that well. And yes, I know that I have announced to the world that I am a huge redneck. But seriously people, I usually suck at "Name That Tune". I'm proud that I could identify *ANY* song by three seconds of lyrics, even if it is "Copperhead Road".

In the course of his phone conversation, Redneck Boy says, "I'm not *that* stupid."

Rock's reply - "Well, at least he admits he is stupid - just not *that* stupid."

It's always good to know your limits.


Alice said...

i am pleased? dismayed? not sure... but i have no idea what that song is or who the musician is ;-)

Shelly said...

Haha! It is the ultimate redneck anthem. I actually counted one time and there are about 20 redneck cliches in that song. So, while I'm not proud that I know it that well, I do know it that well.