Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have several ideas of things to write about in my head right now, so this will probably end up being one of those really disjointed, bulleted list posts. (You: And that's different from your usual posts HOW?) Lots of bloggers are talking about really interesting things, so I'll piggy back on a couple great posts.

Molly, at Les Cadeaux, asserts that a bad haircut is worse than bad sex. I agree. I have bangs right now, for the first time in years, and I go back and forth on them. Some days, I really like them. They frame my face better and prevent fivehead, which I am way prone to. However, they are a bitch to style and I have a cowlick right in the middle of the bangs that I have to style them around. The days I don't succeed, I wind up with my bangs flipping out in each direction from the dead middle. Also, for some reason, my hair is no longer getting along with my curling iron. I curl my hair in the morning, and by the time I get to work, it's a frizzy mess that looks like I didn't style it at all. My other option is straightening, which to straighten my wavy hair requires the hottest flat iron I've ever found on its highest setting. Is it possible that because I've been straightening my hair lately, and because the curling iron is cooler than the flat iron, then my hair doesn't respond to the curling iron?

I won't tell you how bad my evening was last night, but let's just say that this morning I want to list vacation destinations I would like to see in my lifetime (possibly alone).

  • Hawaii
  • Scotland - I want to take my dad. This is our ancestry, so he would love it.
  • Vienna - I went after college and really want to go back and take the kids.
  • London
  • Paris
  • Sweden

So tell me, where do you want to go on vacation?


Anonymous said...

You are so brave to have bangs. I know they're "in" again but I don't think I can do it. The fear is too strong.

Hawaii, Paris, London, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Maine, Banff - my list goes on and on.

Shelly said...

Shelly - Well, I'm not sure it's "brave" so much as "foolish". They look really awful today. But, my hair stylist is HOT and can talk me into most anything!

Fiona Picklebottom said...

I would like to go anywhere ALONE. With drinks. Alcoholic ones.

Shelly said...

Fiona - YES. Or perhaps with friends. But drinks are required.

pseudostoops said...

I have tips! Hot tips! about styling bangs. Because I have the same cowlick. Email me if interested.

I want to go to:
- India
- Peru
- Greece
- New Zealand

and many many other places.

Alice said...

omg, i want to go everywhere in the world i won't be blown up or stoned.


(first choices: greece, southeast asia, belize, prague, new zealand, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc......)

Shelly said...

Pseudo - I will email you NOW!

Shelly said...

Alice - I KNOW, RIGHT?! Oh, Greece, how did I forget to list Greece? That's near the top of my list.

Hyphen Mama said...

Out of your list, I've been to Hawaii and Scotland. I have blocked out all of Hawaii because it was with my in-laws and I was pregnant at the time. Scotland was WONDERFUL. I would go again in a heartbeat. I went with a girlfriend and we were there for about 2 weeks, staying in B&B's along the way.

I'd love to do Germany and Italy.

Shelly said...

Hyphen - your Scotland trip sounds amazing! You should post pictures sometime.