Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things That Have Been on My Mind Lately

Um, hi! Long time no talk, huh? Sorry 'bout disappearing. Things have been hectic lately, mainly in the non-discussable work sector. Work's been busy and I went to Richmond for training last week. (Would totally have asked if anyone wanted to meet up, but given that my availability fell from 9-11 Wed. or Thursday night, I didn't figure anyone would be interested.) We've also done one round of lay-offs, so I've been trying to be SuperEmployee to avoid being considered "lay-off-able". "Look, look, I can get here on time!" "Look, look, I can solve your problem!" Gah. That's such a bad feeling.

The other night I was talking to a friend who is single and has no children. She has a dog, though, and we always talk about how much dogs have in common with children. I've told her several times that dogs are excellent preparation for having children. But really, you need lessons from dogs and cats to truly be ready for children:
From dogs:
CANNOT be left unattended.
WILL chew or otherwise destroy all toys (and non-toys) that they come into contact with.
Likely to pee on your bed/couch/floor.
Boundless energy and curiosity about the world, other dogs, other people, basically everyone.

From cats:
Might be finicky eater.
Will not snuggle or sit in your lap when you want them to.
WILL randomly crawl into your lap and snuggle when THEY want to.


Anonymous said...

I have to add more things cats have taught me in preparation for kids:
*will fight with siblings about NOTHING, at ANY time
*have a hard time with new potty situations
*don't like when you bring a new one home
*always want to play outside
*sometimes, the toy is a balled up piece of trash, not the actual toy you bought.

Shelly said...

Parking - YES! Those are excellent! Mine fight over whatever toy the other one happens to have.