Monday, June 16, 2008

My mother? I'll tell you about my mother.

Let's see...Friday I took the day off work and slept late, then in the afternoon had my teeth deep cleaned. The funny part was that before she started cleaning my teeth, the hygienist and her assistant were talking about a local bakery and highly recommended that I stop by there after my appointment. Way to promote good dental health, ladies! (Of course I went to the bakery afterwards - don't be silly. The cookies and things I got were fabulous.)

Saturday I went to see the Sex and the City movie with two girlfriends. One of them was a fan of the series. The other girl and I had never watched the series, but thought it would be a good girl movie to go see together. We all loved it. I cried several times, and I'm not a big "cry at movies" type. And there were parts that were hilarious! It was an uber-chick flick, and I would never ask my husband to watch it, but I'm really glad I went to see it. I totally enjoyed it.

Yesterday, the weirdest thing happened. I'll have to give you some backstory in order to explain it. When I moved into my own apartment after college, my mom gave me a few kitchen supplies to get me started. These were all hand-me-downs that she either didn't use or didn't like. One of them was a white ceramic mixing bowl. I used it for years, until Rock and I moved in together. Then, Rock's mother saw it and commented that it was Fire King brand, which is old and worth some money. Well, as soon as she heard that, my mother wanted it back. She offered to replace it with another one, but she wanted the one that was worth money. (This is completely typical of my mother's attitude.) I dug in my heels and never gave it back to her. This was about 7 years ago. We've used the Fire King bowl ever since then, and several times joked about taking it to her house and smashing it in her driveway. (What? I'm only 31 in chronological years - not maturity.) Yesterday, the Fire King bowl broke. But the weird part is that no one was using it. It was sitting in the cabinet with all the other dishes. And it split in half. Literally. I don't know if the kids' running around the island (where it was stored) created enough vibration to break it, or if it had another mixing bowl sitting inside it and then the vibration from the kids' running caused it to split, or what. (Yes, running around the kitchen island is a favorite game for my children.) Rock's comment was, "I wonder how your mother is doing." as he pointed to the two halves of the bowl. I seriously got a chill.


Tessie said...

Whoa. That bowl story is crazy.

I'm glad you liked SATC. Ever time someone says they hated it, I have to eye them with Suspicion. Heh.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Your mom probably paused whatever she was doing and said, "I sense a disturbance in the Force." Hee!

Good for you for not giving it back. Just wanting it back because it's worth money is soooo tacky.

Shelly said...

Tessie - isn't that weird?! Rock said he's wondered before that if the bowl broke, would that mean Mom died? Too creepy for me!

LOL! I totally agree. Now I think I'll rent the dvd's of the series. Glad I passed your test.

Shelly said...

Shauna - LOL! That would be great.

And thank you! That is exactly what I thought. But that's Mom, through and through - if someone's going to benefit from something, you damn better believe it will be her!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to send her the pieces?

JMC said...

I never watched SATC either. I also probably won't see the movie until it's on DVD (which is when I see any movie, due to children), when all the hype is over, and then no one will want to talk to me about it.

The bowl thing? Doo doo doo doo. Doo doo doo doo. Doo doo doo doo.

Oh, say that doo doo shit to the Twilight Zone music.

Shelly said...

Shelly - HAHAHAHA!!! That is an *excellent* idea. I just might.

Shelly said...

jmc - dude, I will talk to you about movies on dvd anytime! That's when we see most of them, too.

And I totally got the doo doo shit before you explained it. : )

Alice said...

bwaha, you should send her the pieces! except i'm mean, so maybe you shouldn't ;-)

i loved the SATC movie while i was watching it, but have been increasingly bothered by it the more i think about it. i mean WTF! is there nothing he can do to her she won't forgive? i'm not sure i love that message..

Shelly said...

Alice- I'm so, so tempted to send her the pieces. We'll see.

Hmmm...interesting point. But I think the message was about learning and growing together. I'm not exactly sure if you mean Carrie and John or Miranda and Steve. If it's Carrie and John, I think it was about learning more about each other. She took the wedding plans too far and scared him. He got cold feet and didn't talk to her about what was going on. I think they both learned more about how they needed to interact with each other. And what they needed as a couple. The wedding she planned was not the right wedding for them. It was about publicity and that (gorgeous) dress. They are a more simple couple than that. As for Miranda and Steve, I think it was about making a conscious decision to move forward and not hold mistakes against each other. I thought the "If we show up, then the past doesn't exist." was a good way to put it. If you're going to move forward, then the past has to be laid to rest. It can't linger on forever.