Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nerd Out

Check out this Entertainment Weekly poll of most hotly anticipated book of the summer:

Jennifer Weiner vs. Stieg Larsson vs. Richard Russo vs. Pat Conroy?! I may have to take to my bed.


Alice said...

it makes me so sad to realize that Harry Potter books can no longer be on those lists :-( le sigh.

Shelly said...

Alice - I totally understand. Stieg Larsson is dead, and only left manuscripts for 3 books. So there'll be one more after this one, and then no more EVER. WAH!

Fiona Picklebottom said...

I already have the Stieg Larsson on order, and I'll have to do the same with the Pat Conroy (I didn't realize it was coming out - that one I would stand in line at midnight if necessary). I've never read Richard Russo or Jennifer Weiner, though I have one of each here in my TBR pile.

Shelly said...

Fiona - I've never pre-ordered before, but I have the title and date of the Stieg Larsson book highlighted in purple in my little notebook. Am huge nerd. I intend to buy it within its first week. I think you will really like Russo and Jen Weiner is smart chick lit.

Jess Riley said...

Ooohhhh....I didn't know Steig Larsson was dead! (The old joke in publishing is that the best author is a dead one.)

Also, I have tagged you for a good old-fashioned meme.

Shelly said...

Jess - Yes, he is and I'm depressed about it. Apparently, he planned for this to be a 10 book series, but had only written three before he died. I would KILL to have 10 books from him.

And thank you! 'Cause this blog is seriously hurting for some content.