Thursday, January 22, 2009

Odds and Ends

Oh, um, hi you guys. So I have something I want to talk about, but I can't yet, because it isn't definite. If you are friends with me on FB, you can see that my status says, "Shelly is waiting on a phone call....NOT PATIENTLY, may I add?" So yeah, I'll update you when that call comes through.

In the meantime, some odds and ends to distract us all:
  • Today is Rock's birthday! I gave him his birthday present last Friday, when it was delivered, because I just couldn't wait. (Although, he may be getting another present if that f*&^#*&$^ call will come in.)
  • My (okay, really Supergirl's) snow prayers were answered with 8 inches of snow on Tuesday. That child was in heaven. And I got a day off work, so I was pretty happy, too. The snow was beautiful and now it's mostly gone. And it's supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow. I love NC weather.
  • I went to lunch with two co-workers and we talked about books all the way to the restaurant and all through lunch. In the middle of the conversation, one of my co-workers turned to the other and said, "I love discussing books with Shelly." Best. compliment. ever.
  • I have half a day off work tomorrow to go to the dentist. Supergirl is going with me for a "meet the dentist, have him look at her teeth" visit. She can't wait. (I MAY have bribed her that if she's good, we'll get a surprise after the dentist visit.)

So! Happy Thursday. How's your week going?


Fiona Picklebottom said...

Oh, THAT'S JUST GREAT!! Between you and JessLoolu, I am waiting on info, and NOT PATIENTLY, I might add. ;)

Shelly said...

Fiona - I KNOW! I thought about Jess when I posted that. And the worst part is that I probably won't know for sure until noon today, when I've already left work, and won't have computer access this weekend, so I probably won't update until Monday. Don't kill me.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Now I'm on pins and needles!!!

Shelly said...

Princess - Sorry about that! I'll post an update right now.