Thursday, December 18, 2008

And the Answers Are....

This game was so much fun. Thank you all for guessing. These must have been really hard, because NO ONE got more than one right! Four people got one right, but not all the same one, which amused me for some reason. The lies are bolded below and the winner of each round is listed.

Round One:
1. My husband was married twice before me.
2. I was fired from my first job (after college) for performance. (This is very nearly true. I was severely reprimanded and came damn close to being fired.)
3. I can play the piano.
Winner: Shelly Overlook

Round Two:
1. I started dance lessons when I was 3.
2. I worked for a US Congressman.
3. I was the valedictorian of my high school class. (Again, very nearly true. I was the salutatorian.)
Winner: Mona

Round Three:
1. I have a friend who is a transsexual.
2. I've had seven speeding tickets.
3. I've stayed friends with every guy with whom I've had a significant relationship. (Nowhere even close to the truth. I have never stayed friends with an ex, no matter what length the relationship.)
Winners: Hotfessional and Jess

Ladies, if you will email your address to me at, I will send you a little something.


Jess said...

You made the game too hard and now there are four winners! Excellent news for me!

Shelly said...

Jess - you should have seen my competition at lunch! I had to step up my game! Yes, congrats!

Alice said...

oh man, i missed it! this is what i get for not reading my blogs all week :-(

Shelly said...

Alice - I know dude! I kept waiting on you to comment! Oh well, next contest! (psst - send me your address anyway and I'll send you a Christmas card.)