Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brief Updates

Our office is moving tomorrow, so work is insane right now. But instead of packing my office, I'm going to write a blog post! WHEE!
  • Supergirl's birthday was last Saturday. She's officially six now. How on earth do I have a six year old?
  • In the new office space, I have a (slightly) bigger office...WITH A WINDOW! *moving on the sky* The office is still pretty small, there's a big, square column that sticks out from the wall, and the view from the window is of the parking lot, but hey! I'm excited.
  • I'm waiting for an office meeting to start. They're scheduled for 5:15 now because New Boss can't get his shit together to start the meeting at 5:00. Heh.
  • Washing machine is still broken. Casualty of this weekend's visit to the laundromat? A pair of pajama pants have white spots from detergent or bleach or something. But since it's just a pair of pajama pants, I won't say anything.
  • We also discovered that the answering machine got fried by the lightning. That's the second answering machine we've lost that way. (That whole lightning never strikes twice? Bullshit.)
  • After I griped about my MIL and Rock made the comment that we may wait until next month to fix the washer because of some other bills, she gave us some money to fix our washing machine. I take back the mean things I said.

How's your week going?


Alice said...

not too badly, actually! let's hope nothing tanks too tragically before COB tomorrow, eh?

i did the meme finally!

The Hotfessional said...

My week is so ready to be over. ;-)

d e v a n said...

Is it Saturday yet?
YAY for mil sending money for the washer. :)

Shelly said...

Alice - I'm so glad to hear that! Haha, exactly.

Shelly said...

Hot - Thinking of you, babe. I sent you an email.

Shelly said...

Devan - no kidding! I could use some sleep! Yeah, she's really pretty nice most of the time. She was just on my damn nerves that day.