Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Riddle Me This, Batman

At lunch today, my friends and I observed a mystery. I present to you The Case of The Two Mommies:

In line in front of us were two women. Both appeared to be *very* pregnant. Both were small-built women with seriously round "baby bellies". (As I don't know their names, I will identify them by their hair color.) Brunette was carrying a car seat containing a *tiny* baby.

The puzzle, then: Who was the mother of the tiny baby and was she pregnant again?

The facts:

1. With a baby that small, there is no human way for the woman to be about to give birth again. Seriously, we're talking a days-old baby and a woman who looks 8 months along.

2. Blonde looked slightly less pregnant than Brunette, leading me to speculate that she could be the mother of the days-old baby, but she did not carry, hold, or otherwise interact with the child (that I saw, but then, once we sat down, I was not facing the trio). Brunette carried the child in the car seat, held the child at the table, and fed the child a bottle.

3. When asked how old the baby was, Brunette had to stop and think before she answered "ten days".

So, Internets, I ask you - what is the answer to the puzzle? Who was the mother? Or did they steal someone else's ten-day-old daughter and take her out for an Italian lunch?

And on a side note, Swistle, I'm gunning for you. You have made newborns like crack for me, too. I had to physically restrain myself from snatching that baby up and snuffling her little newborn head.


BeckEye said...

It was a clone baby.

Michele said...

They are breeders from The Baby Farm, where gay celebrities like Tom Cruise get their kids. The infant's birth mother was probably out getting her eggs charged up again for the next one.

Did either of them look like Suri?

hello insomnia said...

I'm kind of disappointed that you haven't read the baby snatchers rule book which is to first take out your captive newborn to an Italian lunch.

Shelly said...

Beckeye - heehee! A clone baby! I love it.

Michele - Actually, yeah, Brunette did kinda look like Suri.

Mona - *hangs head in shame* and if that's the rule, am I too old to be baby-snatched?

A Ghost's Story said...

I cannot add anything to this witty raport, so I'll just sit here n' grin.


Shelly said...

a ghost's story - Welcome! No wit required - you are welcome to visit anytime.

Alice said...

maybe it was a practice baby? like maybe one of her friends had a baby 10 days ago, and lent it to brunette since she was about to have one of her own?

Shelly said...

Y'know, Alice, I think you're on the right track. I think the baby *was* Blonde's, but she was letting Brunette "test drive" for that lunch.

chronicbliss said...

I propose another theory. That eleven days ago, there were three very pregnant women, and today the two remaining let the third one take a nap.

Shelly said...

Hey Chronicbliss! Thanks for the visit! I still think this is a mystery for the ages.