Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Product Updates

The lipstick from the holiday party was DuWop in Private Red, which when asked about it at the party, I replied, "It's BeBop!" (I was on my third glass of wine at this point. Also, I am Old and Out of Touch.) One of my friends corrected me and said, "Do you mean DuWop?" I waved my hand and said, "DuWop, BeBop, something or other." Then I got it out of my purse and lo, she was right. Anyway, I put Smashbox sheer gloss over it to give it shine and together they really looked good. They were both from the Sephora Favorites box in this post, which I bought precisely hoping that it would contain a holiday party red lipstick, so score again Sephora! I've tried almost every lipstick in the box and found two that are just fantastic, like people stop me and compliment me, and one that's a little dark but not bad, and then the clear Smashbox gloss that can go over everything or be worn by itself, so I would call that a success. I'm still working my way through the moisturizer box. I've only tried two because the little samples last so long. The Korres, which I loved, was unfortunately too oily for everyday use on my skin. It smelled like heaven, though, so if you're not a total greasepit like me, you might give it a try. It is "wild rose" scent, and I promise you that it does not smell like anything your grandmother would wear. I thought it smelled like kind of spicy roses. Rock thought it smelled like red hot candies. (He's a romantic. No, you can't have him.) I adored it, but if I used it more than one day in a row, it made my face break out. I've moved on to Philosophy's Hope in a jar. Smells like butt; seems to work. This week will be its ultimate test. I've been using it every day since Saturday (no makeup for a whole week! WHEE!) so we'll see how my skin looks at the end of the week.

Happy New Year everyone! I will be partying it up! (By this I mean, eating too much and sleeping late, of course. See Old, above.)


mona said...

I am living vicariously through this post because it's been over a year since I stepped into a Sephora. All those mirrors and lights scare me. Because they show my face!

Alice said...

despite my last comment about not wearing lipstick, i am totally tempted now by that lip sampler box... i am such a pushover!! :-)

Shelly said...

Mona - *stage whispers* order online....order online....order online.

That's what I did!

Shelly said...

Alice - The best thing about the lipstick sampler box was that there were lots of different colors. The other one that I get compliments on is a very pale pink neutral that just really works with my coloring. Then, there are some pinks that I will never wear. There are also some different "levels" of lip color - like most of them are true lipsticks, but then there's the smashbox gloss and there's one lip liner, which I've always been way too intimidated to try, so I'll be leaving that one alone. But there's enough variety that almost anyone should be able to find a color that they can wear.