Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday Frivolity

It's finally Friday on the second Hell Week at work. All my work is done for the week, so I'm going to play on the Internet all afternoon - *shhh*, don't tell my co-workers. (I'm just kidding.) (No, I'm not.)

Since I'm not in the mood to think anymore today, I have some fun stuff to share:

On Wednesday, I was driving in the car with the two kids. The song "Renegade" by Styx came on the radio. Supergirl pipes up from the back seat, "Momma, did you put in the Styx cd?" AWW YEAH! Motherhood: I am totally rocking this gig. (Later, the Rolling Stones came on and I taught her their name. She remembered it at the end of the day, too!)

Where do you rank on the seven deadly sins? Here's my score:

Discover Your Sins - Click Here
I had a feeling it would be either Sloth or Gluttony and I was right. Should the fact that I'm "high" on two other sins worry me? Nah, I'm too lazy to worry about that!
AND, since my company has fixed our Internet to not crash on any site that has Flash animation, I can now make a Superhero! Presenting The Superhuman Lasered Jones:

Try it yourself at The Hero Factory.


Alice said...

i'm LUST!! i scored high on lust, and medium on everything else aside from envy. apparently i lust after stuff, but i don't envy people who have it??

Shelly said...

Alice - HAHAHA! That is awesome. So you don't mind if others have it, you just want it, too?

Beth Fish said...

The problem with the seven deadly sins is that, on at least half of them, I just wonder "what's so bad about that?"

Shelly said...

Beth - I KNOW! And then I think, "Wait, does this mean I'm going to hell?"