Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Fortunately, Rock was wrong about Supergirl having chicken pox. When he called me, this was his description, "She has red spots all over her face. And one great big one right beside her nose. What else can it be?" (Although when I asked, he did say that she wasn't itching at all. So I was suspicious.) When I got home, however, Supergirl had one - ONE- red spot on her nose. NO other red spots in sight. None on her face, none on her body. OH HAI - my husband exaggerates when he's stressed out. While I don't know what the red spot on her nose IS - if it were on her lip, I would say it's a fever blister, but it's on her nose, right on the side of the nostril. It's red, but not raised. Very weird. I am fairly sure that it's not a chicken pock (chicken pox? What is the singular of pox?) It doesn't look anything like mine did, and here's the big one - IT DOESN'T ITCH! I'm just glad to have dodged that bullet.

Since it seems like everything I go ahead and post even when I'm not 100% certain turns out to be false, let's try this one - I did not win the lottery last night. Ha! Actually, that one's impossible. I didn't even play the lottery last night, so there's no way I could win. STILL - IT IS WORTH A TRY.

And since no one got the movie quote, I'll tell you - it was from Steel Magnolias one of my all-time favorites. Dolly Parton's character says it about her son's new girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

Damn! I knew I should have known that quote. Love that movie!!!

Glad you dodged the Pox, though.

Shelly said...

Shelly - hahaha! If there's a movie quote from me, the chances that it is from Steel Magnolias are very high!

God, me too! I'm sure both kids would have gotten it, so that's a double dodge in my book!

Alice said...

my (nearly-29 yr old) friend thinks she may have just gotten the chicken pox. and my sister may have it too (i should probably call her and get an update, come to think of it). i am very pleased to have gotten a very thorough case when i was 5, which hopefully took care of all pock-related incidents for the rest of my life ;-P

Shelly said...

Alice - I'm with you. I had it when I was in second or third grade. Which was when we discovered that my MOTHER had never had it. Guess who took care of me from across the room? HAHA.

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