Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun Fact Friday

I'm totally stealing from Tessie again.

Side note: How the fuck do my co-workers know when I open my blog to write a post? It never fails that they call me with a question that is more involved than a "yes" or "no" or come into my office to ask me to look up something the second I start typing.

Anyway, on to the fun facts!
  • Friday movie recommendation - Iron Man. It's awesome. Hear me out, Shauna. I know that Gwyneth Paltrow is in it, and I promise that I hate her just as much as you do. Seriously, Gwyneth - Apple and Moses, what were you thinking?! When those children grow up and stab you to death in your sleep, don't be surprised. I sure won't be. If you plan to have more children, get help. Swistle has a baby name blog. But I digress. Back to Iron Man. It has everything. Robert Downey, Jr. who is gorgeous and a terrific actor, and plays Tony Stark as a complete bad boy at the beginning and then shows his change of heart perfectly and wears all of his emotions on his sleeve from there on out. He's absolutely wonderful. And Jeff Bridges is terrific as the bad guy, although he seriously channels my uncle in this role. His voice always sounds like my uncle's, but with his head shaved and that long beard, he really looks like my uncle, so that was a bit creepy. There's even a death scene that made me cry. Fantastic movie, couldn't recommend it more.
  • It's Friday and I'm leaving work early! And I requested my day off to take the kids to the zoo. So I'm putting my new priorities into action.
  • I am reading the best book and I can't wait to tell you guys about it. I'm waiting until I finish it, just in case it has a bad ending, but I really don't expect it to. I've read the only other book the author has written and it was wonderful, so I'm sure this one will be just as good. I will recommend the first one, Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. I'm about halfway through his new one, So Brave, Young and Handsome. So far, I love it. I'm even making myself read it slowly so that I can savor it. Which is torture.
  • Impromptu movie review - There Will Be Blood - You will be bored. It is SLOW. Which I didn't really mind, except that when they got to the end, it was as if they were bored, too, and needed to wrap things up quickly so they just threw an ending together and called it good. I'll watch a long, slow torturous build-up, but there had better be a good pay-off. That wasn't it.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!


Tessie said...

Iron Man is getting so much buzz, I heard they're expecting a HUGE second weekend for it. And I didn't even KNOW GP was in it.

Shelly said...

Tessie, it rocks. I totally loved it.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Here was my reaction to the Iron Man trailer: "Holy cool! Yes, I want to see this mo-IS THAT EFFING GWYNETH PALTROW?!?"

Then I realized the X-Files movie trailer is going to be shown during the previews of Iron Man and I weighed my hatred of Paltrow vs. my love for the X-Files, and the X-Files won. By a landslide.

ALSO, Leif's twin brother Lin was my English professor in college! And he was so nice and cute and handsome and lived next to my uncle, so I had dinner with him one time. Awesome. He was such a great teacher and I learned A LOT about writing from him.

I'll have to check out his brother's book! Have you read any of the books they've written together?

Jess Riley said...

We saw Iron Man last night for my husband's birthday. LOVED it. I was very, very pleasantly surprised. (As my husband said, "You know? I actually don't mind Gwyneth when she's not talking so much.")

Oh, and you are totally entered in the book pimping me at junebugleroy (at) yahoo (dot) com and we'll chat logistics! Thanks!!

JMC said...

I'll have to remember to see Iron Man when it comes out on DVD, which is pretty much when I get to see anything. I LOVE your "You will be bored." movie review. :)

Shelly said...

Hey Shauna! LOL! Yeah, My reaction was along those lines, too. "Oh, cool! Yay, Robert Downey, Jr, love him! Oh, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ew! Well, maybe she has a small part."

Hmm....I don't remember seeing the X-files preview. But maybe it was. I got pissed because they've remade the Hulk and didn't bring back Eric Bana. He's a good actor and gets so little work.

And OH MY GOD, you know Leif Enger and his twin brother?! AND THERE ARE MORE BOOKS!!!!! This is the best news possible! I will find these books! That is so damn cool! I can just imagine that his brother was a fantastic teacher. Yes, get both of Leif's books - they are both awesome! I think I'm going to see if I can email him just because I think his books are amazing.

Shelly said...

Hey Jess!

Yeah, Iron Man was best when Gwynnie was not on-screen. Although her "taking out the trash" line was pretty good.

Cool! I will email you right effing now!

Pickles & Dimes said...

I've never met Leif, but Lin was totally awesome. Just a laid-back, nice guy. The 2 of them wrote mystery books together under the pseudonym L L Enger.

Shelly said...

jmc - that's usually when we see things, too. I just heard a good review of Iron Man, and was like, "dude, Robert Downey, Jr.! We should go see this!"


Shelly said...

Shauna - that still rocks the house! And I am so psyched that there are more books!!! I was just dying to have to wait on his next book!