Thursday, May 29, 2008

Awesome. Not Awesome

So Mona stole this idea from a radio show called Too Beautiful to Live and I'm stealing it from her. Apparently, they do a regular feature called "Awesome! Not Awesome!" in which they proclaim new and other tidbits awesome or not awesome. Actually, this reminds me of something my high school newspaper used to do. Our mascot was the Wildcat, so they did a regular feature called Cat Pats and Kitty Litter. Cat Pats were given for good stuff, Kitty Litters for bad. So here are my Cat Pats and Kitty Litters for today:

Cat Pat to the fact that I'm not pregnant. Feeling nauseous sucks.
Kitty Litter to the fact that I'm not pregnant. I was kind of looking forward to another screaming little munchkin.

Cat Pat to the Intern at work for doing some projects for me yesterday. She rocked the house and got a ton of shit done that I haven't been able to get to for months!
Kitty Litter to me for being an unproductive sack of shit yesterday. I even forgot to attend a meeting.

Cat Pat to Rock for taking Wildman to his checkup today!
Kitty Litter to me (again!) for scheduling the appointment on Memorial Day week and not being able to take time off to go. This is the first checkup I've missed.

Cat Pat to Wildman, who is in the 40th percentile for height! Whoohoo!
Kitty Litter to premature birth, which has caused him to have to play catch-up.

Cat Pat to Memorial Day weekend, which was awesome even though we didn't do much except grill out on Sunday. I picked up some pre-made kebabs at the grocery, Rock's mother made macaroni salad and a pumpkin pie. Yum!
Kitty Litter to pumpkin pie for being so damn fattening. You taste so good, why must you be so bad?!

Cat Pat to the judge who sentenced Nick Hogan to jail time (hope it's lots!).
Kitty Litter to the Hogans, for being such insensitive douchebags. "John was a really negative person." What a pack of assholes!

Tell me - what is awesome and not awesome in your life right now?


Alice said...

cat pat: tomorrow being friday ALREADY - love you, shortened weeks!

kitty litter: having a roommate move into my house. sigh.

Tessie said...

I'll tell you what's awesome: the phrase "pack of assholes". HAHA!

rh said...

HAHAHA I love cat pat and kitty litter. I am stealing this from you and incorporating in my life.

cat pat: I have two parties to attend this weekend.

kitty litter: I have to fill up my gas tank to get there. When I bought my car, it cost me only $15 for a full tank. *weeps*

Shelly said...

Alice - hell yeah on the short weeks! Love you Friday!

And awww...on the roommate. But at least you don't have to pay all the rent!

Shelly said...

tessie - thank you!

Shelly said...

Hi rh and welcome! Glad you like cat pat and kitty litter. I've remembered it all these years and never had a good use for it. So glad I finally found one.

Ooh! Parties! Fun.

Boo! Gas. *WAY* too expensive.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Cat pat: hardly anyone's at work, so I have no work to do.

Kitty litter: NOTHING. I'm amazed.

JMC said...

I have to come back to actually read this because I'm on my way out the door, but I just had to say that "cat pat" sounds somewhat dirty. Or is that just me?

Shelly said...

Hey Shauna, I think it's awesome that you have no kitty litters. And not having any work to do is fantastic! There's nothing quite as fun as slacking off at work.

Shelly said...

Haha, jmc, I love you! I guess cat pat can be somewhat dirty.

JMC said...

Cat pat: School is almost out for the summer! No more rushing around in the mornings to catch the buses.

Kitty litter: School is almost out for the summer! What the hell am I going to do with all these kids?! Home. All Day. As in 24/7. With me.

The Hotfessional said...

Catpat -> It's going to be above 70 for the next whole week!
Kitty Litter -> Yea, our weather forecasters are never right.

Shelly said...

Hey jmc - that is a bit of a double-edged sword there, isn't it? Good luck with that one.

Shelly said...

Hot - I know what you mean. The weather forecasters around here are never right, either. I'll cross my fingers for you that you get some warm weather!

Swistle said...

Awesome: Oreos AND ice cream in the house.

Not Awesome: The Hills ONCE AGAIN dominating cover of Us Weekly.

Shelly said...

Swistle - Yay for Oreo's and ice cream! (Did you crush the Oreo's and put them in the ice cream to make Cookies and Cream?)

And Boo to The Hills. I've never watched it, but it looks like it sucks.