Thursday, March 20, 2008

Six Word Memoir Meme

Jess had the most awesome meme the other day. You're supposed to write a six word memoir. Hers was great - "Need baby; will settle for dog." I think mine will be:

Lottery win desired; would become photographer.

And yeah, I know, you're supposed to pursue whatever you would do if you won the lottery. And I am. I took an evening course in photography, learned a lot and had a ball. And I take pictures all the time. I have some of my favorites up in my office right now. I've bought some awesome equipment recently (hello, have already spent small fortune!) However, there's a nationally renowned two year degree program in photography at a local community college that I am dying to take, but it is full time. You can't work and take these classes. What's ironic is that the community college is in the county where I grew up and my psycho ex-boyfriend wanted me to go to that community college after high school instead of a four year university. (He also wanted me to get an apartment and work at a convenience store. How I was supposed to afford tuition and the apartment working at a convenience store after my parents disowned me, he didn't know. Planning wasn't his strong suit. He also made me do his Spanish homework. I took French. Then he got mad when he failed. Logic wasn't his strong suit, either.) But, straight out of high school, I would never have taken the photography program and wouldn't have been able to afford the good equipment. But it's totally on my list of things to do before I die.

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