Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Okay people, let's talk about Christmas. Because it's about to run me down.

Seriously, I am so far behind I nearly have a panic attack every time I look at a calendar. The tree is up, but it's not decorated. Yes, I'm serious. Bare. Not even lights. It needs some more branches trimmed off the bottom and moved further out into the room so that the angel will fit on top 'cause I kinda 'Griswolded out and bought one almost too big for the living room. But at least it's bought, and up. We'll get it decorated, right? RIGHT?!! Let's all sing a rousing chorus of At Least It's Up.

And then there's the presents. Supergirl is taken care of. Wildman is really too young to care. I ordered him some really cute foam blocks, but they're back ordered until mid-January. I'll find him some cute little stuffed animals and things to open on Christmas Day, but again, he's one. Rock is mostly taken care. I may get him a few more surprise items, but I've got him some good stuff, and I think he'll be happy. Which brings us to the parents. We both come from divorced families, all of whom are remarried except my mother (whom I don't speak to). Minus my mother, that gives us three sets of parents. Including three step-parents to whom we're not very close. Two of them have a distinct interest (gardening and baking), though, and the third has spectacularly bad taste. I'm not kidding. They actually lecture us because Supergirl never wears any of the clothes they buy for her, but they are the ugliest clothes on the planet. I came across a new dress for her the other day and Rock and I were discussing how hideous it is and Rock asked where it came from. I turned and looked at him and said, "I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count." We are closest to Rock's mother and step-dad and this year we had the best idea for a gift for them - we were going to get them a dvd player/ vcr because they only had a vcr. We were all excited because this! was! perfect! They would love it! Until one day about three weeks ago when I came home and Rock said, "Well, Mom and Step-dad bought themselves a Christmas present. A dvd player/ vcr." Nooooooooo! Somehow this sent me into a total gift tailspin and then I couldn't think of anything to get anybody. I'm slowly crawling out of it, though. I'm getting my dad a subscription to a magazine that I know he'll love, and we've got a pretty vase for the Stepparent With No Taste (she'll love it). And we've come up with an alternate idea for Rock's mother and step-dad. And I've always been a last minute Christmas shopper anyway. I'm weird that way. I love the crowds, I love the packed stores. I think Supergirl and I are going to hit a mall on Saturday or Sunday! Haha! And eventually it will all come together. Right?!

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Alice said...

OH MY GOD you are an insane person. i accidentally went to a mall last weekend, then turned right around and went home rather than try to deal with all the people. it makes me anxious and panicky just thinking about it. ewww :-)