Thursday, September 22, 2011

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

by Shelly Notthedaddy.

Hey so, that was a long break, huh?! Sorry about that. This summer was great. Here's what we did:

Fun fact: That's my mom in the background, talking to one of her friends.

My mom and I split the cost of a pool membership and all of us went swimming almost every weekend. We had such a great time.

Things are really going well with getting along with my mom. We're both trying really hard to get along. This summer has helped us a lot.


Anonymous said...

That is SO awesome! I am so happy that you are managing to have a relationship with your mom!!!

Shelly said...

Hey Shelly! Yeah, I'm really happy. I find myself wanting to call and talk to her. It's a weird feeling.

Alice said...

well hello!

what fantastic news about your mom. that's really great to hear :)

Shelly said...

Hey Alice! Thanks!