Thursday, March 18, 2010

Small Rant

Oh my fucking God, you guys. How did I wind up in a job that requires this much math? Because math skillz, I does not has them. I don't mean addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc - those I can do. I mean, looking at the situation and going, "Oh, but wait, if there's a fee, you have to take that off the top before you can use this handy dandy formula (that I keep written down and hidden in my bottom desk drawer)." I'm working on a project that I should be rocking, and instead I'm stinking it up. I realized before lunch that "Oops. All those times where I thought the program had the wrong answer and I had the right answer? Yep, the program answer was right and the Shelly answer was wrong." I might as well just start over. Crap.

Seriously, I report to an Accounting department?! What is up with that? How did I get here, yo?


Alice said...

haaaa. i feel your pain. i ended up in a poorly disguised accounting job a few years ago too. I AM A FRENCH MAJOR. i do not do teh maths.

Shelly said...

Alice - When they "transferred" me to the Accounting Department (which was really just that my job stayed the same and they created a department around all the people who do my job throughout the country and called it the Accounting Department), I said that it was a good thing that I was grandfathered in, because I would never have gotten in on merit!

Firegirl said...

Argh Math SUCKS. Math is not my friend.

I too wonder how in the hell I got here? Who made that decision because "really?" (:-D hahahaha

Shelly said...

Firegirl - What's funny is how much my job has changed in the years I've been here. There was nowhere near this much math involved when I started here.