Thursday, November 8, 2007

Grumble, grumble, grumble

This morning has not gone very well. First of all, I was running a bit late getting ready for work. Then I took a small break to walk over to the bed and sit down to talk to Rock, Supergirl and Wildman. Wildman was being restless and couldn't decide if he wanted to play, eat, or lay back down and go back to sleep. So Rock gave him a bottle and commented that he needed his baby seat to lay back and eat properly or else he would just play with the bottle. Supergirl went and got the baby seat and brought it into the bedroom. I laid Wildman back on the bed and he ate for a minute and then threw the bottle down. We all talked for a few minutes and then I got up to continue getting ready for work. I didn't realize that Supergirl had put the baby seat right behind me, though, and so after two steps, I fell right into it. Not hurt at all except that I'll probably have a bruise on the underside of my right breast tomorrow and a scrape on the back of my ankle, but damn. That wasn't much fun.

Also, I'm wearing a shirt that Rock ironed for me last night. Amid much griping and not so good natured teasing. (He usually irons my clothes because I am beyond incompetent at it. Usually he doesn't mind. I have no idea where the attitude came from last night. Oh! And we're only talking about two or three shirts here, not my entire wardrobe. Last night, I asked him to iron four shirts, only because he usually wants to do them all at once, not do one now and then do three more another time. And those four shirts will last me two or three weeks, because I don't wear them all every week. I have some guilt/ misgivings about asking him to do this? Must investigate.) I made the mistake of commenting that this shirt is easy to iron because only part of it needs ironing. I ironed it last week and didn't do too bad! (It's one of those shirt and sweater combos, made to look like you're wearing a button down shirt under your sweater vest.) Rock sniped back that it was only easy if you didn't know what you were doing. Well this morning I noticed that Mr. Expert missed ironing the button part just below the collar. Which I managed to iron last week. So much for not knowing what you're doing! (I do have to confess that I did iron a wrinkle into the left sleeve, though.)

Just one of those days, I guess. argh!


Alice said...

omg, i SO NEED to find someone who is willing to iron for me. i don't technically own an iron right now. i have a few items in my closet that i never wear, because they're wrinkled, and i.. uh.. just never iron them.

Shelly said...

Alice - marry military. They have to iron their uniforms. The first time Rock saw me ironing a shirt, he was horrified. He gasped, grabbed the iron out of my hand and was like, "you're going to burn yourself - give me that!" I haven't ironed anything since. It's a pretty sweet deal. (He cooks and cleans, too.) I was just in a bitchy mood yesterday. I'll have to write something nicer today.