Friday, May 4, 2007

Oh my God, What a Day!

The weather sucks, I totally stuck my foot in my mouth when I introduced myself to an employee and told him I talk to his wife all the time then I found out he and his wife are separated, I had to call two employees whom we accidentally overpaid by about $3,000 each and explain what happened, and for some unfathomable reason my left front tooth is aching and hurts like the nerve is exposed. Oh, and my feet hurt because I'm wearing semi-new shoes that are refusing to break in. Oh, and I missed going to PF Chang's for lunch because a meeting was scheduled at 1 and at 1, they called and rescheduled to 3. I went on a used book buying spree at lunch and it didn't even help because now I have new exciting books to read and they're in the car, not in here.

Holy Hell, I'm going home!

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